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Introduction & Review

Hantle Civils was founded by Mr. JL Volschenk in March 2008 and Hantle Earthworks and External Works in 2014.

Hantle Earthworks and External Works competes in the Construction Sector, our expertise being Earthworks and External Works

Hantle proudly owns our own plant and machinery in order to give our clients the required peace of mind in order to facilitate a safe work culture to meet all production goals.

Structure and Functions


  • Top Management – Directors does all negotiations, designs, BOQ’s from drawings, estimations and tendering.
  • Admin Management – Facilitates in all aspects of Debtors/Creditors, Purchase Management, Auditors, Payroll etc.
  • Middle Management – Provide specialist skills and backgrounds in Earthworks and External Works.
  • Supervision – Assigned to specific sites to implement workflow and oversee installations, the workforce and material on site. They also ensure that Health, Safety, the Environment and Quality Assurance are not compromised.
  • Workforce – Consists of skilled, semi-skilled employees and form the corner stone of the organization.